Landscapes of my hometown,
Constantly shaping my body wherever I go,
Moving nature,
moving home,
moving me,
Landscapes that are simple, basic,
Nature being just basic,
My dance is basic,
I like basic,
Are you basic?
I love dance because is basic.

Music  Ushuaia a la Quiaca by Gustavo Santaolalla
Improvised score created and perform by myself

How our bodies are shaped depending on where we are? What part of our land do we carry with us when we leave home? Where do we carry home? Where is home after all? From an auto-ethnographic standpoint that exposes personal stories related to her Chilean upbringing, the dance performance embodied her strong connection with her mother and landscapes of her home country in relationship to the places she has migrated for the past nine years. 

“Madre & Tierra” Performed dates:

Full video of the performance to be requested via email. Thank you!