Ponderosa Off Spring Program 2022
Ludger Storcks
Professional class at Divadlo Studio Tanca 2021
©Martin Dubovsky
Teaching Divadlo Studio Tanca 2020

Ground Acrobatics

This class will explore the principals of gravity, groundedness, and flow, while moving us through acrobatic elements. Inspired by Flying Low, we will use spirals to move in and out of the floor, while contracting and expanding the whole body or different parts of it in order to create smooth pathways. Using our experience with Release Techniques, we will approach acrobatic elements like lifts, balances, handstands and aerial jumps, to introduce dynamics and risk taking, while also working with gravity, momentum, and falling to aid in our exploration of flow.

The class invites dancers to explore a wider range of movements, expression as well as It enhances strength, flexibility and body awareness, allowing dancers to find their own fluidity in their movements, through improvisation tasks and set material.

The training is created for dancers who have done similar practices and for those who are comfortable being in a physical and dynamic class.

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